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March, 2004

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    Mac Word Notes View and OneNote

    Mac Word Notes View and OneNote Chris Pratley has blogged about OneNote , with a number of follow-ups here , here and here . Now that we’ve released a demo of Mac Office 2004 that mentions the new Notebook Layout...
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    Stupid Coding Tricks

    Stupid Coding Tricks Normal Rick Schaut 9 2004-03-06T18:46:00Z 2004-03-06T20:24:00Z 1 107 611 Microsoft Corp. 5 1 750 11.0 125 During a lunch...
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    David Stutz and Software "Commodification"

    David Stutz and Software "Commodification" In my first post, I said that I probably wouldn’t be posting any treatises on Economics. Well, I’m sorry to say, I’m posting one now. Why? Because yesterday the O...
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    BruceO's Prank

    BruceO's Prank Microsoft is a great place to work, even if you are a Mad Mac Maven. There are a lot of reasons for that, but the best is that you get to work with some pretty cool people. I’ve already mentioned Ed Fries...
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    Display Only HTML

    Display Only HTML Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while. There haven’t been a lot of quick links to blog about, and Dennis Cheung has beaten me to the punch on others. I’ve also been a tad bit under the weather...
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    A Proposal

    Two days ago, several radical fundamentalists strapped bombs to their bodies, and commemorated the martyrdom of the Imam Husayn by reenacting it. In the midst of my grief over this tragedy, I started thinking about what leads people to do this sort of...
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    Coding Tricks and Interviewing

    Coding Tricks and Interviewing My post on stupid coding tricks elicited some interesting responses, both in the comments to the post and in a discussion held in the forums over in Joel’s web site. Some of the responses...
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    Cool Stuff at MS Research

    The old saw about the “winner” being the one who dies with the most toys is a lie. After yesterday and today, I’m convinced that the “winner” is the one who dies with the coolest toys. I attended TechFest this week...
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    Where I'd Rather Be

    Sometimes, information at your fingertips is a bad thing. For example, from my desktop at work, I can view the current weather conditions on Seattle’s Elliott Bay. When you have the means to go play on the water, yet have lots of work to do, you...
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    In a comment to my bio, Scott points out that I was destined to blog. Scott and I met at Scoble’s Geek Movie Night. This is one of the cooler things about blogging. You get to meet new, and very interesting, people like Scott and Scoble. Rick
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    New MS Blogger

    I’ve tended to avoid the echo-chamber effect of linking to other msdn/aspnet blogs, but I’m going to make an exception to this general rule to point out that Larry Osterman , of the Exchange team, has started his own blog. I’ve made...
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