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April, 2004

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    UI Design

    Eric Raymond posted a rant about the CUPS installer. Then John Gruber commented on the rant, and Don Box talked about Eric's idea of "The Luxury of Ignorance." I'd seen Eric's rant earlier, but found John's response via Don's post last night. Today...
  • Buggin' My Life Away

    Vanity License Plates

    Vanity License Plates Mike Hall blogs about vanity license plates around Redmond . I’ve already mentioned Bruce Oberg’s “OTTFFSS” (One Two Three...). Tom Saxton, another former Mac Word developer, still has...
  • Buggin' My Life Away

    It's Official

    It's Official The press release went out at midnight, so I can talk a little bit about Mac Office 2004 in general and Mac Word 2004 in particular. Just a note on release terminology: some articles you’ll read refer to a “release...
  • Buggin' My Life Away

    Where's Rick?

    Where's Rick? Wow, leave blogging aside for a while, and the world just passes you by. The past few weeks have been so busy, that I haven’t even been able to read the blogs I follow. I fired up NetNewsWire this evening, and there...
  • Buggin' My Life Away

    iTunes Music Recommendations

    The University of Illinois is working on a music rating project . You download an application that uploads your current iTunes library, and, some time later, it gives you a list of recommended songs. There's plenty of info there, so I encourage you to...
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    Got Milk?

    Got Milk? Normal Rick Schaut 2 2004-04-01T13:30:00Z 2004-04-01T13:42:00Z 1 119 519 Microsoft Corp. 14 4 638 11.0 125 0 0 From time to time, I check...
  • Buggin' My Life Away

    Music Recommendations Update

    The results from my second submission finally came back this morning. The server’s estimated time kept bouncing around from about 10 hours at the start to “indetermined.” I’m not quite sure how that can happen when the service...
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