Vanity License Plates

Mike Hall blogs about vanity license plates around Redmond. I’ve already mentioned Bruce Oberg’s “OTTFFSS” (One Two Three...). Tom Saxton, another former Mac Word developer, still has a vanity plate that reads “FE06,” which is a single-instruction infinite loop in MC68K machine language. Unfortunately, the equivalent PowerPC instruction requires 8 letters.

I had once considered getting a license plate that read “EFUN,”but it involves such an obscure bit of Hungarian Notation that even the vast majority of Microsoft developers wouldn’t get the joke. The “e” prefix stands for “element in the domain of” whatever follows the prefix—in this case, element in the domain of fun. Arguably, any cool toy is an EFUN.

But, to date, the best vanity license plate I’ve ever seen, by far, was on a VW beetle. It read, “FEATURE.”