Has it really been three months since I’ve posted? Well, it’s been three months since we went “on the clock” for the next version of Mac Office. There are two unfortunate consequences to this. One is that my workload tends to increase, and, for this particular milestone, this was exacerbated by a dependency that required a near doubling of the work I needed to do for a particular feature—work that had already been slated to take an entire milestone before we discovered the dependency.

The other unfortunate consequence is that all the stuff that I’m excited about, the things that I’d like to discuss, are either mostly personal in nature or are issues I simply can’t discuss publicly. I’m either working on something that’s strategically important, working on something that could well get cut from the final product, or working on something that involves Apple technologies that are covered by a legally binding non-disclosure agreement. In order to stay out of trouble, I’ve chosen to not say anything at all, at least not on a work-related blog.

Which brings me to today. Two things have rather serendipitously coincided. MSN Spaces Beta went live today, and, tomorrow, by wife and I will embark in a journey to Haifa, Israel to visit the Bahá’í Holy places. So, I’ve started a personal blog. I’m going to blog (or at least try to blog depending on the availability of internet access) our pilgrimage. I’d venture to guess that most of you won’t be at all interested in this, but those of you who want to learn a bit more about me personally might want to follow along.

Clearly, I won’t be blogging very often about Mac Office until some time in January at the very earliest, but I hope to be able to discuss a few things soon. We’re trying some new process-oriented ideas, and, while it’s too soon to say whether the impact on our products will be positive or negative, I expect I’ll be able to talk about them in the relatively near future. So, stay tuned, if you can.