A small publisher has approached me about the possibility of writing a book. I have to admit that, until know, I haven’t really given much thought to the idea. The general subject of the book is somewhat open-ended, as the publisher has asked me what I’d like to write about.

There are a number of interesting things that I could write about, but I’m not sure which to tackle, so I’m turning to you.

I could write about how Word does things internally. It wouldn’t be a “How-To” book, but it would give users some insights into how and why Word does things the way it does. The book could explore the philosophy behind some of the basic design decisions that make up Word.

I could write about the people behind Word, and some of the significant ideas they created, either in terms of the development process or in terms of Word’s features. This could be a somewhat difficult topic, though, because I’d need to track down, get permission from and interview some of the people who’ve worked on Word over the years.

Or, I don’t even have to write about Word at all. There’s a hole in the market for books about programming on the Macintosh in C++. One possibility is to write a book about developing an application framework for Carbon directed at C++ programmers.

I could write a book about some of the usability and UI design lessons we’ve learned over the years. This subject could also be rolled into a general discussion of various lessons we’ve learned from developing Word.

So, if I am to write a book, what do you want that book to discuss?