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April, 2005

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    Kenny Wolf

    Those of you who've been around a bit know that Kenny Wolf used to work in Mac BU. His last gig here was as development manager (my boss' boss). At one point, Metrowerks' CodeWarrior page had a quote from Kenny, but they've since changed their site to...
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    Subtle Bugs

    It wouldn't surprise me for people to wonder how it’s possible for reasonably competent programmers to introduce bugs by making seemingly innocuous changes to some program’s code. The short answer is that we’re often too clever for our...
  • Buggin' My Life Away

    Somethin' Phishy

    Over the past couple of days, I've received some e-mail messages purporting to be from PayPal. Each message claims that I've added an e-mail address (a different e-mail address in each message) to my account, and gives a link that I can follow to verify...
  • Buggin' My Life Away

    New Digs

    The MSDN blogs have moved to new digs. We're no longer running on .Text. We're now running on Community Server 1.0 . Special kudos go to Betsy Aoki , Scott Watermasysk and their minions. I know you're singin' the got dot net blues, Betsy, but I think...
  • Buggin' My Life Away

    Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

    I think Roz got tired of doing the twice-weekly commute between San Jose and Redmond. In any case, I am not moving to California! Know anyone who's willing to hire an over-the-hill Mac geek? Rick Currently playing in iTunes: Wherever You Go by Pat Metheny...
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    MPW C Error Messages

    Those of us who've been programming the Mac for a few years have some fond memories of the old Macintosh Programmer's Workbench (MPW). It was very much like the Terminal Window on OS X, but had a few quirks of its own. Among those quirks were the error...
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