Those of us who've been programming the Mac for a few years have some fond memories of the old Macintosh Programmer's Workbench (MPW). It was very much like the Terminal Window on OS X, but had a few quirks of its own.

Among those quirks were the error messages that the C compiler would give you for certain errors. Messages like, "a typedef name was a complete surprise to me at this point in your program," and "String literal too long (I let you have 512 characters, that's 3 more than ANSI said I should)" almost made you want to write broken code just to see what the compiler had to say.

The most complete list of the error messages I could find is here.

Well, rumor has it that there's a skunk works at Apple who are busy porting some of these error messages into XCode 2.0. And they say that Apple have lost their sense of humor...



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