The MSDN blogs have moved to new digs. We're no longer running on .Text. We're now running on Community Server 1.0. Special kudos go to Betsy Aoki, Scott Watermasysk and their minions. I know you're singin' the got dot net blues, Betsy, but I think the community will be happier once the minor kinks get worked out.

One kink is that the "News" item seems to want to muck with any embedded HTML, so I've had to remove my link to Chandu's blog map. Hopefully, we'll work that out soon, and the map will be back.

With the new digs, I've modified the theme a bit. I've gone to a serif font, and I've made links easier to see in the body text. There's also a neat calendar control for browsing archives.

If you're accustomed to reading my blog in an aggregator, you might want to stop by, and see the new look.



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