I have a sick sense of humor. Ed Fries told me that. It's out in left field and loaded with various inside jokes. Half the fun is seeing how many people get the joke.

One of the ways I've done this is through the "Currently Playing in iTunes" feature of NetNewsWire. At times it's been subtle, like "listening" to Pat Metheny's Wherever You Go on an April 1 post about Mac BU moving down to San Jose, or "listening" to Supertramp's Asylum in a post about our move from .Text to Community Server.

Sometimes, it's not so subtle. The Who's Won't get Fooled Again on any post dated April 1 is obvious, or Jimi Hendrix' If 6 was 9 on a post about byte swapping.

So, when John Welch wrote about Mac BU at the crossroads, the correct choice of Currently-Playing-in-iTunes theme seemed obvious, even down to paraphrasing some of the lyrics.

Well, I'm sad to say that Cream's Crossroads was the wrong song for my previous post. After the exchange I've had with John and others in the comments, the correct theme song would have been, well, what I'm "listening" to now.



Currently playing in iTunes: Whipping Post by The Allman Brothers Band

PS. Smile, John. It's a joke.