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June, 2006

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    Opportunity Cost

    Back when I started blogging, I had a go-around with Pierre Igot. I'm not going to rehash it, but I think the best summary of the entire affair can be found here . During that discussion, I made the mistake of bringing up the concept of "opportunity...
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    Michael Bartosh Memorial Scholarship

    Those of you who knew, or knew of, Michael Bartosh, might want to check this out . John Welch, over at bynkii.com is pretty passionate about it . Currently playing in iTunes: Fallen Down by Gov't Mule
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    Vistas of Irony

    There's an old ("old" by our industry's standards) urban legend about irony that actually found its way into the Darwin awards. I remember it getting sent around back when it first surfaced some time in 1994. In fact, as I recall, Dave Luebbert was the...
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    Two Years from Now

    I predict that two years from now , my job will be exactly the same as it has been for the past 16 years. Rick Currently playing in iTunes: End Of The Line by Allman Brothers
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    What's Wrong with this Code: The Answer

    Bjarne Stroustrup is a brilliant man, which means he's very good at defining programming languages. It also means he's not very good at writing books about the programming languages he's defined. His writing goal is concise precision. Unfortunately, for...
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    What's Wrong with this Code?

    A while back, Erik Schwiebert wrote about some of the travails of moving our build system from one using CodeWarrior to one using XCode and GCC. Erik mentioned the huge number of errors and warnings we've had to resolve, but, in reading some of the reactions...
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    Scoble's New Adventure

    The buzz around the bloggosphere is about Scoble's New Adventure . Robert adds his own words on the subject . I've had a chance to meet Robert over the past couple of years, and I'll miss his presence in the area. He threw some fun parties, and nights...
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    Mac Office 2004 Resource Kit

    Looks like we've updated the Mac Office Resource Kit to Version 2. The Resource Kit is a guide for system administrators and other IT professionals who manage and support Office on a network. We have other deployment documentation that can be found on...
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    The History of Mac Office, Part I

    We've all seen the scene. A group of people are having a discussion about something, and one older, and allegedly wiser, person has been sitting back just letting the discussion ramble on, until they meet some sort of impasse, at which point everyone...
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    What do you do in the down time between feedings when you're on parental leave pulling night duty with a brand new baby? Late night TV sucks. You could start doing Sudoku, but it's more fun to write code to solve the puzzles than it is to actually solve...
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