A while back, Erik Schwiebert wrote about some of the travails of moving our build system from one using CodeWarrior to one using XCode and GCC. Erik mentioned the huge number of errors and warnings we've had to resolve, but, in reading some of the reactions around the web, I'm afraid that some people, particularly people who know nothing about compilers and developing software, seem to have completely mistaken Erik's remarks.

Someday, I'll understand why people are motivated to render opinions on matters of which they are entirely ignorant, but, for now, I'll have to satisfy myself by offering some remedial education. I'll start by asking, what's wrong with the following code:

class FooBar
    FooBar(int val): _val(val) {};
    ~FooBar() {};

    void Foo(int val)
        _val += Bar(val);

    int Val() { return _val; };

    int Bar(int val)
        _val = val;
        return _val;

    int _val;

int main()
    FooBar fb(42);

    int val = fb.Val();

    return 0;

Some of my readers will spot the problem immediately. To those who do, I'll remind you that this is a contrived example. A real-world example will have a class that has 10 or more methods, and none of those methods will be as trivial as Foo or Bar.

Update: Fixed code problems due to .Text's handling of HTML entities.



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