OK, so Nadyne, after posting a nice article about using PowerPoint on Mac Mojospilled the beans, so I suppose I should say something. Though, the fact that I wanted to title a blog post with, "Use the Right Tool for the Job and You won't become One," is probably more than ample evidence that I should not be blogging.

The problem with blogging is really finding something to talk about.  Well, there is a lot that I could talk about, but there's this fine print in my employment contract that leaves quite a bit of what I'm working on off the table.

For example, I could talk about the travails of transitioning from Carbon to Cocoa, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to put two and two together to figure out that Microsoft is moving Mac Office to Cocoa. And, of course, the more details I discuss, the more people can figure out just how far we have progressed along that transition.

I see comments on various blog posts where people ask or this or ask for that, and I want to say, "Guess What!" But, I can't! And it's horribly frustrating.

So, am I back? I don't know. I'm contemplating. In the mean time, Red Sweater has released Mars Edit 3.0. So, I'm taking it for a spin. Now, if I can only remember where "Currently Playing in iTunes" is.  Ah, yes...



Currently playing in iTunes: Change It by Stevie Ray Vaughan