The VS Team System Architect folks along with the Windows Server and Microsoft Systems Center folks have released a new workshop up on MSDN that is your portal for all information SDM (the System Definition Model).  The SDM is an XML schema which is at the heart of the Team System Architect design tools for SOA and Logical Systems design.  Its also the foundation for the much broader Microsoft Dynamic Systems Initiative.  The VS Team Architect folks have been a driving force for moving the platform towards a more model driven design, development and deployment model and our current version 1 is only the tip of the iceburg.  To come are integrations with System Center for doing application monitoring, Windows Server for actual deployment of the bits based on the SDM information authored in VS, etc.  One of the cool things you can find on the site is an SDK for extending the Team Architect SOA and Logical Systems Designers.  This SDK once ready for broad public consumption will be part of VSIP.

Here's a mail I got from Kate ,the Group Program Manager of the Team Architect edition about the new site:

Today we are launching a new SDM Portal on MSDN. This site will provide information on DSI, SDM and SDM SDK to the users of Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Architects and vendors, as well as serve as a starting point for future expansion into model-sharing site. The goal of the site in Beta 2 is to create awareness about SDM SDK, future tools and models, and create community around the SDM as it relates to Whitehorse Extensibility. To help seed the SDM Portal, the SDM SDK Beta 2 samples and user documentation are publicly available through the SDM Portal link to (in RTM, the SDM SDK samples and user documentation will ship with VSIP).

The site is available for review and comments at the following URL: .