About a month ago while I was in Europe, the SEI held its annual SEPG conference in Seattle.  At the conference we announced the second MSF template to be shipped with VSTS: MSF for CMMI Process Improvement. 

The MS folks who attended came back with some pretty interesting stories, most all starting with a visit with a customer who asked "why is Microsoft at an event centered on software process and methodology?"  Fair enough, we're not known for providing a lot of guidance around the software development process.  This is certainly changing with VSTS, though.  I expect that we'll be spending a lot more time w/ the SEI folks and with the auditing community around SEI capability audits and how the Team System can reduce the cost of reaching CMM Level 3 and beyond.  Keith Rowe, the guy who heads MSF had a post on his blog about his experience.

If any of you have experience with the SEI/CMM audit process, i'd like to hear about it.