People often ask about our internal usage of the Team Foundation Server.  On various forums I've posted our dogfood (our word for internal usage as in eat your own dogfood to make sure its ready before asking anyone else to...) statistics but realized this morning i've not been posting them here.  I get these updates about once a month from Brian Harry and i'll push them out for you to see.


Availability (over the past week)

The server was available 99.92% of the time


Users with assigned work items: 432

Version control users: 247

Work items

Work items: 26,836

CSS nodes: 1,717

Work item versions: 194,117

Attached files: 6,647

Queries: 2,041

Version control

Files/Folders: 73,893/9,678

LocalVersion: 4.14 million

Total compressed file sizes: 1.71GB

Workspaces: 438

Shelvesets: 856

Checkins: 1396

Pending changes: 30,268

Commands (last 7 days)

Gets: 10,923

Downloads: 922,203

Checkins: 282

Uploads: 4653

Shelves: 615