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March, 2004

  • Rico Mariani's Performance Tidbits

    What I do in my spare time

    Many months ago, I was asked by the folks in Patterns and Practices to help review their latest guide “Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability.” It turned into quite an effort but I'm happy and honored that they chose to accept...
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    Performance Quiz #2

    Well it was so much fun the first time, it's time for an encore :) Consider the functions Test1 and Test2 below. Q1: On average which one will run faster? Q2: Which offers the best case performance? Q3: What assumptions did you make...
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    My mom doesn't care about space

    Now, before I go on, in the interest of not filling this article with assorted exceptions for perfect accuracy which I could never possibly achieve anyway, kindly allow me to make the general point bearing in mind that, as usual, what I write is only...
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    Performance Quiz #1 (of a series?)

    Recently there was a discussion on one of our internal email aliases in which this problem came up. I though it was an interesting problem so I posed this Quiz to assorted people I work with to see what kinds of things they would say. Considering these...
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    He will triumph who knows when to wrap and when not to

    This advice is somewhat redundant with what I posted a few days ago but, what the heck, it's got more spicy goodness than the previous formulation. Where your underlying functionality is extraordinarily fast you cannot afford to add levels of abstraction...
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    Sometimes it's all in the numbers

    Here's a little story about a problem I diagnosed back when I was working on sidewalk.com that I thought was interesting to share. It turned out that when we released the Yellow Pages features of Sidewalk we had this weird thing going on where about...
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    (#ifdef DEBUG)++

    In his most recent (as of this writing) blog entry Brad Abrams writes about an idea we've been kicking around and which I happen to like very much. I think though that adding a few more details is necessary to help get the best possible feedback. ...
  • Rico Mariani's Performance Tidbits

    Predictable Payment Per Procedure

    Just a very quick entry today, motivated by some weekend examinations, contemplations, reflections, and probably some other *tions that I can't remember. I often come across code that has assorted extensibility hooks built right into it. And even nice...
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