I was talking to a friend earlier today about how much fun I've had blogging these many months now (soon two years) and I was reminded of one of my favorite examples of unexpectedly influencing someone.

Sriram Krishnan wrote an article called "How to write a search engine in 16 hours" which I quote from below:

After reading a few of  Rico's posts, you'll find two little versions of yourself pop-up over your shoulders. One has a halo and is dressed in white while the other looks like an ad for the FreeBsd devil. The angel tells you "Look at all those string allocations..tsk..tsk..and you haven't measured your performance. Unacceptable!". The devil says "Just keep coding - you have a review tomorrow". After a few hours, I stopped listening to the angelic guy and the FreeBSD devil mutilated him with his pitchfork. But I digress...

Now if I can only get my readers to stop killing me in effigy I can declare complete victory.  :)

Thanks Sriram, and as always everyone, thanks for reading.

P.S.  That really isn't the best part of the webcrawler article it's just the funniest :)