I gave my first talk of two today.  If you went there today and you're reading this perhaps you'll consider joining me tomorrow for the memory issues talk.  It's more technical than this one was but I'll still try to make it fun.  On the other hand perhaps you'll want to flee to avoid the boredom of it all... I hope not :)

I'd like to invite any of you to ask questions regarding the talk, or pretty much whatever in the comments here.  I've got lots more time than usual to answer questions this week so feel free to chime in.  I expect that the talk will be posted soon -- when it is I'll be sure to let you know.

One thing I wanted to talk to is a question I've got from several people regarding try and catch and throw costs.  I said that the CLR optmized for cheap "try" at the expense of throw, although maybe I didn't say it quite so clearly as that.  What I meant was this:  the general design philosophy of the CLR with regard to exceptions is that we want to make entering a try block free even if that means that when a throw happens we have some extra cost.  It's a design choice -- there are other strategies which would cheapen the throw at the expense of running code on the try.  We've opted for the free try.  That's good news for those of your writing try and try/finally blocks because there is no cost when an exception doesn't happen (the norm).

For those of you who saw the talk, I hope you enjoyed it and please fill out and eval.  Hope to see you tomorrow same place and time.  Even though FUNL05 isn't on the short calendar, due to space limitations I guess, I'll be there!