Several people in my department went to Teched and they came back with some general impressions of what kinds of performance problems our customers were encountering broadly.  Of course they also came back with impressions in other areas but those are clearly not as important as the performance issues so I'm ignoring those :) :) :)

Ahem. :)

Some of the themes were:

  • The “drawback” of having such a rich set of APIs is that developers just pick APIs that work without often knowing/realizing what the performance implications of using them are. It seemed like it would be great if we had some means to include this kind of information in the documentation.
  • It's still difficult to know what to do when they have a performance problem, what tool to use etc.
  • There are not enough guidelines on how they can design their application so they can meet the performance goals or make their existing applications run faster

Not wanting to assume that my readers necessarily have the same needs as Microsoft customers generally, I was wondering which one of these points you all would be most intersted in hearing about.  Or maybe something else entirely.

I have thoughts in all those areas and more besides.  :)

Thanks for your feedback in advance.