When you're a person like me, who works on programming tools, I think it's fair to say that there are not too many days when you can come home to your children, tell them about your day, and they say something like "Wow, cool!"

However, today is one of those days :)

Late last year I spent a morning at MS Studios where they recorded me for the most recent episode in the Behind The Code series.  Ruling out the possibility that they wanted me for my rugged masculine features, or that I belong in the company of the others they've interviewed, that leaves basically the only logical conclusion, which is that, for a tools guy, I'm pretty entertaining.

My kids probably would have thought that was cool but... they really enjoyed what my colleagues did to my office in honor of the launch. 

A Little Decoration

I'm Really Famous Now


Suffice to say that anything involving embarassing daddy at work definitely gets a "Wow, cool!" Not to mention "They should have called us!"

Sorry kids, maybe next time.

So if Five Things About Me weren't enough, have a look at Behind the Code with Rico Mariani.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed doing it.

P.S.  I actually got to spend a half day or so with Maureen McCormick and she's absolutely lovely.  Angelina is very high on my "list of people I'd like to have lunch with."  Actually so is Camilla but for entirely different reasons :)