Just a few words of encouragement today:  I can't emphasize enough how valueable your feedback is to us at this point; no matter how hard we try we simply cannot duplicate the diversity that is the real world.  We need to know what's really working out there -- what works for us isn't enough.  Whether it's performance, stability, or any other issue, your feedback will help us to "get it right" for the release.

I've seen some super-positive comments about product performance and I've seen some negative ones.  Your comments will help us to figure out which areas we've missed, what combinations aren't working, what hardware are we using poorly, or any other goofy thing we might have done.

You can use http://connect.microsoft.com/ or you can provide comments here.  We're even watching twitter and the blog-o-sphere generally but those are less reliable.

Brian Harry is also reaching out http://blogs.msdn.com/bharry/ and I know all the other executive bloggers have their ears on -- and they'll get help.  Connect bugs are the best of all but don't be shy, we'll take the feedback however we can get it.

Thank you!