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  • Blog Post: Use Symbol Filtering to get symbols you care about from your server instead of getting the kitchen sink

    One of the most annoying things about working with performance traces is that they include information about everything in the system. That's also one of the great things. However, most of the time, for most problems, there are very few things you are specifically looking for. Like in my case I'm...
  • Blog Post: Debugging Multi-threaded Applications: Some Tidbits

    I was lamenting that we haven't really done terribly much to make multi-threaded debugging easier in say the last decade and I was fortunate enough to be able to have a conversation with Brain Crawford about it. Brian is a long-time friend an colleague, we worked on the VC++ debugger years ago, he's...
  • Blog Post: Hard and Soft Mode Debugging or The Woes of Soft Mode

    I had to explain this a little while ago and I wrote up something that I thought was generally interesting. This is only approximately correct (even the examples are flawed) but I think you can get the idea. I had first hand experience trying to get a soft-mode debugger working when I was the debugger...
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