Yesterday I saw Dbox talking about service orientation, he was comparing different transport mechanisms as:


  • HTTP / HTTPS (ASMX approach)
  • DCOM (Com +)
  • MSMQ (NT Service)


Note Remoting is not in the list, this is because Don didn't like Remoting for different reasons, Performance, Security and Versioning.


Some years ago, maybe in the TechEd  I've heard DCOM it's not a good approach for the future, and Remoting it's the best way to connect two machines running the .Net Fx.


There are different articles in MSDN comparing Remoting vs. Web Services, but I didn't found anything about Remoting vs DCOM or WS vs DCOM. And this is because the marketing machinery of MS talked about Remoting as  the "substitution / evolution" of DCOM.


 But now Don is talking about DCOM as a reasonable approach, and his comments about Remoting were ridicule saying sentences like


".. Remoting is a funny and little Technology to build funny and little apps"…


Now don works as architect in the Indigo team, and of course they promise this will be the definitive solution for the Distributed Object, should we trust Don?