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  • Blog Post: I'm back

    After 1 month without posts (we were shipping our last project) I'm back, with a lot of ideas to develop, and write about, so stay tuned to "Just Coding" and I will share with you my experiences developing software from MSSpain
  • Blog Post: Wow !! XmlSerializer in ClientSide JavaScript

    It's too late to ingestigate this http://dotnetjunkies.com/WebLog/anoras/archive/2004/08/13/21962.aspx however I will keep it in my TODO list.
  • Blog Post: Explore the fit acceptance testing framework

  • Blog Post: Custom Configuration

    A Configuration mechanism to allow the unit testing of different config values.
  • Blog Post: Procesar XMLs Grandes

    Estudiar la mejor forma de procesar documentos XML muy grandes en el lado del servidor. (Stream Based)
  • Blog Post: Mock Objects

    Mirar la implementación de Mock.NET y el uso de NMock desde CruiseControl.NET
  • Blog Post: Crear Tareas de Versionado para MSBuild

    Tengo que pasar mis tareas de versionado de NAnt para que se integren con MSBuild, y de paso aprendemos a crear nuevas tareas MS Style !!
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