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November, 2009

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    Accessibility Issues with WPF Overlay Frame

    Overlay Frames in WPF are sweet and present endless opportunity to innovate on the Application UI. I have seen some neat usage of it with great result. However there are some accessibility issues ( Wherein the ElementFromPoint returned is wrong )with...
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    Back For Good

    Its been more than 3 years that i started this blog and really it died on me…i started stopped and then stayed stopped.. However with the product i been involved in on the final home run i think now i have lots to blog about.. Hopefully now that i have...
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    Recording Hover’s in CodedUITest

    Mouse Hover is an important part of a Application WorkFlow. Hovering on a control brings about changes in the application which leads to Controls appearing/disappearing , Properties of the controls being changed ,new windows coming up etc. Needless to...
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    VSTT ThinkTime

    ThinkTime by definition is the time spent by a User thinking about his next step. This has been leveraged in VSTT CodedUITest and Fast-Forward a Test feature in MTLM (as also in VSTT Web Test) to make the Playback more resilient. If the ThinkTime is...
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