Ron Jacobs

Windows Workflow Foundation

February, 2004

  • Ron Jacobs

    You know you are a geek when...

    You know you are a geek when You miss coding like a fisherman misses fishing. You give up an evening of online gaming to write code instead. You wake up in the middle of the night with an idea that is so good you have to try it...right now...
  • Ron Jacobs

    Blog in my mouth...

    Strange thing these blogs... It's like a loaded gun that can go off on you. In the vastness of cyberspace with the trillions of web pages out there, who would have thought that anyone would find my blog. I have been meaning to blog for a very long time...
  • Ron Jacobs

    My Best Webcast - ever

    Last week I gave the best webcast of my life (so far anyway...). All right, so I have only given about 5 webcasts but I keep getting better at this. Here was the interesting challenge. I signed up to deliver a webcast about the Asynchronous Invocation...
  • Ron Jacobs

    Building Blocks for Everyone

    I've been thinking about application blocks lately. It turns out that of all the things that our team ( Patterns & Practices ) application blocks seem to be the one thing that people most easily connect with. The problem I have is that there are so...
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