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Looking for some people in cyberspace...

Looking for some people in cyberspace...

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I'm working on this project that I can't say much about yet, but I need to find some people who are not responding to the email address I have for them.  I know the hassles of SPAM make it such that many people are having to change email accounts quite frequently but it makes it hard to find folks.

Here is my list of people I would like to talk to.  If you know them, please ask them to contact

  • Ethan Smith
  • Paul Bartrum
  • Husein Choroomi

Guys...if you are out there, give me a shout

  • Ron, I pinged you!!!
    Just for future reference, here is my e-mail address: hchoroomi [at] gmail (dot) com
  • abcdef
  • Ok - I heard from Ethan and Husein. I'm still looking for Paul.

    Thanks guys...
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