Ron Jacobs

Windows Workflow Foundation

September, 2005

  • Ron Jacobs

    Contending for Canada Tour Day 2

    Ok – Day 1 wasn’t much... I just got on the plane and got myself to Toronto . I did have a very nice extra long workout in the evening to make up for the many calories I will be consuming this week. Today I presented my favorite talk “Patterns for...
  • Ron Jacobs

    My Quest: Architecture

    I’ve had a long career in software. Nearly 20 years now during which I have been an enterprise developer, a premier support for developers rep, an ISV developer, a dev lead, a technical evangelist, a program manager and finally a product manager. ...
  • Ron Jacobs

    PDC2005 .NET invades the platform (finally!)

    5 years ago at the June 2000 PDC we told the world about .NET for the first time. It has been a long road with some strange detours but it is truly amazing to look back on this road. At the time I was a new program manager on the COM+ team. Our team spanned...
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