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The youngest developer I've ever met

The youngest developer I've ever met

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Arfa Karim Randhawa is one of the most mature 11 year old girls you are ever going to meet. And not only that, she is the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional - a title that allowed her to meet Bill Gates and President Musaraf at just 10 years old.  I met her at Tech-Ed Barcelona and recorded a video of her along with Simon Brown VP of Developer and Platform Evangelism for Europe, Middle East and Africa.  


Simon had a crazy idea - he asked me to post the video on YouTube so I thought, why not.  Let’s give it a go.  After working out how to encode it properly for YouTube I must admit they have a really great web application.  It is amazingly fast and easy to use.  No wonder they have done so well.  So go on, have a look at it.  It’s only 6:18 of your life.


If you prefer to have the Windows Media version for download you can get it here.

 Update: we also posted it on the new site.  You can see it here.