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Architect as Explorer

Architect as Explorer

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What does an architect do anyway?  I was given this topic last spring with the assignment to come up with a fresh way of looking at the work of an architect.  It is a difficult challenge to try to boil this topic down to something simple, memorable and can be covered in an hour.  I decided to use the classical teaching technique of analogy.  To bridge from something you know to something you want to learn. 


To start the series I describe how an architect is like an explorer.  And to make it more interesting I went to Topanga Canyon state park in Malibu, just north of Los Angeles.  Now some people have said these videos are "Cheesy" and maybe they are but I hope they are anything but boring.


Check it out - ARCast Training - Architect as Explorer


Let me know what you think!

  • Ron,

    I like it.  Now lets talk about how we go about exploring as architects.  Keep them coming.


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