Ron Jacobs

Windows Workflow Foundation

October, 2007

  • Ron Jacobs

    Visibility as an Architectural Property

    "All the wonders of architecture, elegant structure, proper provision for security and scalability amount to nothing if the user cannot make use of the application to accomplish the goal." Recently Microsoft has decided to save money on telecommunications...
  • Ron Jacobs

    Supportability - Keeping the "Main Thing" the "Main Thing"

    What is the main task of your application? Who is your application written for (the customer)? Supportability is a property of the application that helps to insure that your customer can accomplish the main task that your application is designed to support...
  • Ron Jacobs

    Visibility + Supportability + Consistency == Great UX?

    In my last couple of posts I explored the concepts of Visibility and Supportability as properties of an architecture.  These are principles that architects must keep in mind when designing user centered architectures, systems that as Frank Lloyd...
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