Ron Jacobs

Windows Workflow Foundation

July, 2008

  • Ron Jacobs

    Why Does my DelayActivity's InitializeTimeoutDuration not work?

    The other day I was writing some unit tests for a StateMachine workflow.  My StateMachine had a state where it uses a ReceiveActivity to receive a web service message.  In the same state it has an event that uses a DelayActiviity to handle a...
  • Ron Jacobs - Getting Control of the URI with RESTful WCF Services

    RESTFul people want to control the URI of their services.  They focus on building a good information architecture that describes the resources their site provides.  Historically most web sites described resources in terms of files and paths...
  • Ron Jacobs

    Setting up Workflow Databases for Persistence and Tracking

    Let's just say that I'm not a SQL wiz.  I like to use SQL Server Management Studio express when dealing with databases.  Unfortunately today I was trying to setup the Workflow databases on a machine where I had not installed SQL Management Studio...
  • Ron Jacobs

    uR 5UcH 4 n00B

    I love playing computer games (probably a little too much).  Of course when you first get started you are the guy who gets killed all the time because you don't know what you are supposed to do or where the secret stash is.  After a while of...
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