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What do you want to see on

What do you want to see on

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This morning I awoke to a bright sunny day and thought to myself… What shall I do today?

Unlike most people I have a great deal of freedom to be as creative as possible at helping people to build great applications with .NET using WCF, WF4 and AppFabric,.  I have a long list of things that I could do but then after talking it over with my colleague Wade Wegner we decided that we should allow you to tell us what you want.  We have created a survey site where you can add your own ideas or vote on suggestions from others. 

So let us know….

What do you want to see on

P.S. This includes things about Windows Azure AppFabric as well.

  • What about 'versioning' on WF services?

    I mean..., having a WF service running on IIS and some instances persisted, this service evolves and the persisted instances go on running but under the new version of the initial service.

    It would be great to see an example of that situation and some rules under this versioning could work.

  • Great point - please be sure to vote on these at

    I'll add this to the list.

  • I'm afraid I still don't get what WCF RIA Services is all about. Is it meant also to be used outside Silverlight? How about a short intro to that?

  • I really want to see the Canonical REST service re-worked and explained a bit more..

    I want to see a WCF4 service with WF4 integration.

    I want to see more WCF4 Rest stuff, scenarios.

    You are doing an awesome job and your episodes really help understanding

  • I really would like to see a sample application for WF4 with free layout (maybe designer based on FreeFormActivityDesigner)

  • Want to see what tools we have in Dataservice and WCF to replace SQL Mobile Merge Replication for mobile apps. Want to sync a mobileapp  (this could be running SQL Mobile) with services/database on the internet

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