Ron Jacobs

Windows Workflow Foundation

July, 2012

  • Ron Jacobs

    How to use LINQ in a Workflow

    Question Can I use a LINQ Query such as the following in a Workflow? private static void ShowQueryWithCode(IEnumerable< string > names) { Console.WriteLine( "Linq Query in Code - show names that start with 'R'" ); // Assuming there are...
  • Ron Jacobs

    How to make a library portable and data binding friendly at the same time?

    Here is the challenge.  Create a portable library that could be used by almost anything including Console Apps, Windows Phone, ASP.NET, Xbox 360 Make it data binding friendly for targets like WPF, Silverlight and Windows 8 XAML Metro Apps by supporting...
  • Ron Jacobs

    My Essential Development Tools

    There are a few development tools that I just can’t live without. ReSharper A few years ago I was sitting in Glenn Block’s office when I noticed some strange additions to Visual Studio.  When I asked him about it he said “That’s ReSharper” and I...
  • Ron Jacobs

    What’s Up With Ron

    Nearly every day I get email from someone asking for help.  I wish I had time to answer every question.  I used to answer more of them but recently I was diagnosed with Adiposis Dolorosa. Adiposis dolorosa , or Dercum disease, is a rare condition...
  • Ron Jacobs

    Three Simple Rules for Better Debugging with WorkflowApplication

    Developers often say that there is a steep learning curve with Windows Workflow Foundation (WF4).  I won’t deny that… instead, allow me to share three simple rules that will help you to get over that curve sooner and to make them easy to remember...
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