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A few months ago I wrote this post about my diagnosis with Adiposis Dolorosa (Dercum's Disease). After writing it I had a brief reprieve from the symptoms and for a while I was able to work part time.  Then in September I had surgery to remove some of the tumors.  For some unknown reason this caused the disease to progress rapidly.  I have now reached the point where I can no longer work at all.  Not only that, I cannot even live on my own and take care of myself.  I have had to move in with my mother so she can take care of me.  I miss my work terribly and I see email from many of you asking questions about this or that but I am unable to answer them.

As for the future, no one really knows what this disease will do to me in the long run.  The doctors have been very surprised to see this devastating impact so quickly.  Not only is this disease causing a great deal of pain, it is also attacking my brain making it very difficult to do even simple tasks.

Over the years I have seen farewell blog posts from many of my colleagues at Microsoft.  Most are moving on to bigger and better things.  I wish this was the case for me.  Unfortunately it is not.

  • Ron, you are missed. I hope your condition improves.

  • Ron, we will continue to pray for you and for the strength needed to carry on. I wish I lived closer.

    A body that is afflicted but a strong soul.  This is my prayer for you, to have your soul strengthened by God's great mercy and grace, no matter what the outcome.  


  • I'm so sad to hear this news Ron. I wish you all the best for the future. I hope you are able to keep in touch as you are able (Twitter?)


  • Hi Ron,

    Very sad to hear about it, I hope things turn for better in coming days..

    You have inspired me so much in the couple of times I met you when you were in australia. I hope everything works out  for you.

    All the best mate!


  • Hello Ron,

    I was heartened by your post - I have learned so much about WF from you and your code samples.  Just want to say "Thank you" and wish to see you in Bldg 18, blogging and recording videos again in the future.

    My prayer with you and your family.

  • Ron, I am blessed with memories of a dedicated conscientious young piano player/road manager whose life God has used to reveal once again that He is good and gracious.  God's peace to you, my brother.

  • Hi Ron,

    I just wanted to pass on a heart felt thank you for all your help and guidance. It was always a pleasure meeting you and a fun role reversal to present at TechEd with you in the audience. My thoughts are with you and I hope for the best for you. I will always be in your debt.


  • Ron, it is heartening to see you leave this way. I want to thank you for all your dedicated work, all the help and guidance you've been giving all these years. I wish you all the best and as many good times as possible.

  • Dear friend,

    No one can predict what will come even one second later, don't loose your hope. Although life is worthy when we share time. I'm sure we all, have had great moments with you. Thanks for everything, take care!


  • May be ask your doctor to investigate some another diagnosis, which can be closely to this one? Just make a pause, take the good rest for one or two years. Often this kind of mood, reasoned by desease, can be more distructive than the desease itself.

    We are using your very usefull posts, Ron. We need your magic and we hope all things are not so sad. Keep us informed. We will be waiting for your return.

  • Sir, you write the best WF tutorials. I hope that you'll get better soon.

    Take care.

  • Ron thanks for illuminating our way, I hope your best health, best wishes ...


  • Thanks for all the great work you've done, and I wish you and your family all the best...

  • All the best man! You will be back, you did awesome job and there still more to come!!! Best wishes with you!

  • Best of luck in the future mate. My thoughts are with you.

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