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  • Blog Post: How to handle the trailing slash in a WCF HTTP Service

    The other day I got this tweet from Adam @ronljacobs anyway to do something like: [WebGet(UriTemplate = "{id}", IgnoreTrailingSlash = true)] want {id} and {id}/  to be the same Off hand I didn’t know the answer but now that I’m back from Tech-Ed I decided to take a look at the problem...
  • Blog Post: - How to Do API Key Verification with a WCF WebHttp (REST) Service

    In .NET 3.5, we created the REST Starter Kit as a way to get you up and running with RESTful services. Now that .NET 4 is out, people are asking how to do things like API Key Verification in .NET 4. In this episode, I'll walk you through a sample based on my blog post on the subject.
  • Blog Post: How to do API Key Verification for REST Services in .NET 4

    Recently somebody asked me about doing APIKey verification in .NET 4. Previously in .NET 3.5 we provided the REST Starter Kit which included a fair bit of server side code to enable a collection of RequestInterceptor objects that we showed doing API Key verification. In this post I’ll show you...
  • Blog Post: Ready to learn more about REST with WCF?

    Now that the WCF REST Starter Kit is out I'm happy to say that we have provided some great resources for learning all about it. Aaron Skonnard has put together a terrific set of screencasts for to give you a great introduction to REST with WCF and the WCF REST Starter Kit Screencast...
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