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  • Blog Post: Using Workflow Services and Silverlight Together

    In my previous post on WorkflowServices, CanCreateInstance and Silverlight I shared with you some of the pain that I went through in building my first Silverlight / Workflow Services app. Much of this pain was just because I have not done a great deal of work with Silverlight and WCF. In this post I’m...
  • Blog Post: How to eliminate from your service WSDL is the default namespace applied to WCF Services and Workflow Services.  You can and should specify your service namespace. It is recommended that you explicitly specify a name and namespace for the service contract, and an action for each operation to avoid using " http://tempuri...
  • Blog Post: How to get rid of in a Workflow Service

    Edit: Ignore this really old post and view How to eliminate from your service WSDL Somebody was asking earlier today how to eliminate the namespace from their WSDL with a WorkflowService. I had no idea but soon enough somebody from the team came up with the answer...
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