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  • Blog Post: Speech Recognition - Using Multiple Grammars to Improve Recognition

    A difficult problem both users and developers face is recognizing words that are similar sounding, but wrong for the current context.  An example of this would be the words “yellow” and “hello”.  Using the simple WPF app from the previous Exploring Grammar Based Recognition post, I will show...
  • Blog Post: Speech Recognition - Exploring Grammar Based Recognition

    In my two previous posts , I covered how to create speech recognition engines and use them to parse through WAV files containing a sample “Hello World” recording. This post will focus on two things.  First, simple real-time recognition with a simple hardcoded grammar and second, a way to let you...
  • Blog Post: WebMatrix 2 Beta - Using IIS Remote Manager to Enhance Your Site

    If your web hosting provider uses is an IIS shared hosting provider chances are you can use IIS Manager for Remote Administration to additionally configure your site. This post will walk you through a simple WebMatrix publish example, connect to the remote more
  • Blog Post: WebMatrix 2 Beta - Remote Site Editing

    Remote site editing is integrated in to WebMatrix 2.  This allows for users to quickly edit content from both the original computer where they published from or a completely different computer. Life After Publishing Once you’ve published a site, more
  • Blog Post: WebMatrix 2 Beta - NuGet Gallery

    NuGet is a versatile library package system that allows users to  extend their web applications with some really cool tools.  WebMatrix V1 users who are familiar with NuGet remember that they had to access the NuGet Package manager through the more
  • Blog Post: WebMatrix 2 Beta - Integrating with IIS Developer Express

    I want to take the time to describe how WebMatrix works with IIS Express, the development web server.   I hope that by the end of this article, users will better understand what IIS Express is capable of and how it works with WebMatrix. What more
  • Blog Post: WebMatrix 2 Beta - All About Extensions

    WebMatrix 2 has been rebuilt with extensibility in mind. We have designed it to allow developers to write MEF based extensions that integrate into the WebMatrix experience. Members of the WebMatrix team have individually published some initial extensions more
  • Blog Post: WebMatrix 2 Beta–Top 5 Tips and Tricks

    You’ve probably seen all of the cool high level features, but there are a number of cool features that are worth checking out.  Like always, let us know what you think on our forums ! 1.  Set Your Default Workspace If you find that you’re always more
  • Blog Post: WebMatrix 2 Beta–Released!

    Today we’re releasing the first public Microsoft WebMatrix 2 Beta!  It contains a number of new features and improvements from version 1.  Try it out today! Here is just a short list of what’s new and improved: New Features: Remote Site Access more
  • Blog Post: WebMatrix Beta – Beta 3 Released!

    Just a few short weeks ago, we shipped WebMatrix Beta 2 .  We fixed a lot of bugs and stabilized the product overall in that release.  Beta 3 is different.  There are all sorts of new features to try out!  Download WebMatrix Beta 3 more
  • Blog Post: Client Certificates, Now with a UI!

    Dave , a test lead at IIS, sent me a link to Puneet Gupta’s blog post about the Client Certificates UI that he developed. One of the more common requests we get on the IIS 7 UI team is for a Client Certificates UI Module.  Puneet took advantage of more
  • Blog Post: IIS Database Manager – Version 1.0 Released!

    Today, the IIS team is releasing version 1.0 of the IIS Database Manager. It allows you to administer website and web application databases with the existing connection string or a custom client connection with an IIS UI extension. Major Features: Viewing more
  • Blog Post: IIS 7.0 Administration Pack - Version 1.0 Released!

    Back on March 18th, during the MIX releases, the IIS team released the IIS 7.0 Administration Pack.  About a year ago we released Technical Preview 1 of Admin Pack; the modules have gone through a couple iterations since then.   Admin Pack more
  • Blog Post: Database Manager for IIS 7.0 - RC Released!

    Adding to the MIX release madness, the IIS team has released DB Manager RC!  This RC version is a big step forward from the previous Technical Preview 2 release almost 9 months ago. Database Manager integrates with the IIS 7 Management Console UI more
  • Blog Post: IIS 7 Remote Management Virtual Lab

    I just ran across this Microsoft ISV Training Course that describes how to enable and use web application remote management.  IIS 7's remote management is a really cool way to allow non-administrator users privileges to administer their sites and more
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