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February, 2005

  • Rick Byers

    Generic type parameter variance in the CLR

    When people start using C# generics for the first time, they are sometimes surprised that they can’t convert between related generic instances. For example, since you can convert a string to an object , shouldn’t you also be able to convert a List <string>...
  • Rick Byers

    "Hello world" quiz answers

    Matthew Cosier was the first person to post correct answers to all my Hello, World quiz questions , good work Matthew! Here are the answers with some details and links: System.Console.WriteLine(“Hello World!”) Visual Basic .NET - note the lack of a semi...
  • Rick Byers

    Disruptive Programming Language Technologies

    "Disruptive Programming Language Technologies" ( video , slides ) is one of my favorite talks on the future of programming languages. The talk is by Todd Proebsting , who is a senior researcher at the Microsoft Center for Software Excellence (formerly...
  • Rick Byers

    Hello, World!

    Hi, my name is Rick Byers. I’m a developer on the Common Language Runtime (CLR) team at Microsoft. I work on the debugger services team where our main deliverable is the ICorDebug API which debuggers like Visual Studio use to debug managed code. Mike...
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