Hi folks,

We've introduced the Release Candidate (RC) of our AD RMS SDK 2.1 which now includes File API. I'll let our expert, Gagan Gulati, explain about these new releases!



I'm Gagan and I'm a program manager in the AD RMS team. We are pleased to announce the Release Candidate (RC) for AD RMS SDK 2.1. This package also includes the File API SDK, which allows solutions, handling documents of different file types (Office documents, PDF, text, image and others), to quickly protect and unprotect documents.

contains the following important updates:

  • File API and AD RMS SDK 2.1 are now merged as a single AD RMS SDK for Windows
  • Single Installer containing File API and AD RMS client binaries. You no longer have to install File API protectors separately or make any customizations
  • Improved administrative configuration support for Generic Protection and other file types
  • Feedback incorporated from partners who have been prototyping with File API
  • Improved Generic Protection support with IP Viewer

This release is very important for us. It marks our continued commitment to the ADRMS v2x SDK. AD RMS SDK v2.1 RC is an important milestone to provide complete RMS support for Windows applications and solutions. If you are already using AD RMS 2.0 SDK, you’ll be pleased to know that there is full backwards compatibility.

 As the name suggests, the Release Candidate build is one step away from RTM release. We urge you to download these bits and give them a try. You can download this RC version from Microsoft
.  In the download package, you will find 32-bit and 64 bit installers, detailed documentation, sample code to interact with File API and the new IP Viewer for Windows desktop which utilizes AD RMS SDK 2.1.

Gagan Gulati, Lead Program Manager
Information Protection, Microsoft Corporation
eveloper’s corner: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/rms