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  • Blog Post: Office 365 Information Protection using Azure Rights Management

    Happy Tuesday, This is a cross-post from our TechNet RMS Blog , that we didn't want our developer audience to miss. As promised, we're working on a series of blogs. This one was created with the help of Tejas on the team so you may see comments replied to by a new name. Here we'll focus on organizations...
  • Blog Post: EZ federation in AD RMS

    This blog post has been moved to the new AD RMS team blog here:
  • Blog Post: Information Protection in Exchange 2010

    We are excited about the features being built into Exchange 2010 that use AD Rights Management Services technology to ensure that sensitive information is protected. Ed Banti, a Microsoft program manager, recently presented an overview of these features, which we have made available on TechNet Edge as...
  • Blog Post: Tuning Your AD RMS Server to Work Well with the Exchange 2007 SP1 Pre-Licensing Agent

    If you are already using the AD RMS Pre-Licensing agent that shipped with Exchange 2007 SP1, you probably know how it can speed up the experience of end users opening RMS protected content in Outlook, but did you also know that you can optimize the performance of your AD RMS server in this scenario?...
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