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  • Blog Post: Bring your web sites to the desktop with IE 9 Pinned Sites

    Pinned Sites, a new feature released with IE 9, takes desktop/browser integration to a whole new level. Pinned sites are the easiest way to create a more interactive experience between the user and your web application, therefore providing more value more
  • Blog Post: Profile & Tune Web Page Performance with the IE 9 (F12) Developer Tools

    IE 9 has a rich set of functionality for profiling and monitoring web page performance found in the Profiler tab.  The utilities in the Profiler tab have the ability to monitor web pages and report timings back to you, so you can view the data and more
  • Blog Post: Using IE 9 Developer Tools to Learn jQuery

    Many people learn language syntax by trying out expressions at a command window.  IE, Opera, FireFox, Chrome, and most modern browsers have a set of developer & script debugging tools.  Focusing in on IE 9's tool stack, we'll look at the more
  • Blog Post: Investigate Web Pages Using the IE9 Developer Tools

    Inspecting rendered content in the browser can often be difficult, especially in large pages with a mixed bag of markup, code and text.  Using your browser's View Source option shows all output in a linear fashion and causes you to have to dig through more
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