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  • Blog Post: Windows 8 to 8.1 App Considerations: Screen Size

    One of the most frequent questions/concerns I’m seeing in community is:  what application changes do I need to consider for Windows 8.1 development?   Is there anything I should be doing today in my Win8 apps to make it easy to move to more
  • Blog Post: Compressing as Individual Files in Folder

    Let’s see how long it takes Jim Christopher to jump in with a better PowerShell solution. :) I had a directory full of .avi files that contains RAW, uncompressed data at 60fps from a camera (for astroimaging). Even capturing just a few minutes of data more
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 Pop Up (and Under), Setting up Family PC Settings

    The worst best part about being the Microsoft guru when a new OS ships is configuring PCs for family members.   In Windows 8, it’s a big relief that the new start screen makes things inherently more secure and less worrisome, but in desktop more
  • Blog Post: Coding for Kids #3. Bugs!

    In the first post , we introduced the problem.  We’re writing a program that solves the problem of finding 100 point words, where each letter in the word corresponds to its position in the alphabet (A=1, B=2, Z=26).  In the second post , we more
  • Blog Post: Coding for Kids #2. Code!

    In my last post , I introduced the problem we’re trying to solve via an introductory computer program:  finding 100 point words where each letter of the alphabet corresponds to its place in the alphabet (A=1, B=2 … Z=26).  At this point, we more
  • Blog Post: Coding for Kids #1. The Beginning.

    My daughter, a 5th grader, has shown an occasional interest in programming but having so many frameworks and platforms available today is both a blessing and a curse.  I began to learn programming by hacking Maxit, Hunt the Wumpus, Adventure, and more
  • Blog Post: Windows 8: Cannot Connect to Printer

    I have a Canon MP830 USB printer hooked up to my always on workstation at home, and this is shared so that anyone in the house can use it to print. I haven’t had any issues until trying to add the printer in Windows 8. When I tried to add the network more
  • Blog Post: One Azure Web Role, Multiple Websites

    Windows Azure has been capable of running multiple websites in a single web role for some time now, but I found myself recently in a situation with 2 separate Azure solutions and was looking to combine them to create a single deployment.   Just more
  • Blog Post: Music Library Synchronization, Sonos Tips

    I love Windows Home Server.   I’ve been using Windows Home Server for years, and just purchased a Windows Home Server 2011 (WHS) box from Newegg (great deal on a HP Proliant micro server).  Many have asked me why I like WHS so much – it more
  • Blog Post: Use the Windows Azure CDN for Assets

    The most common response to running stuff in the cloud (Azure, Amazon in particular) is the that it’s too expensive for the little guy.   And generally, hosting VMs when a small shared site of something similar will suffice is a tough argument more
  • Blog Post: Wifi on the Road

    I spend a lot of time on the road and often need to stay online.  Back in the Windows Mobile days, it was pretty easy to turn a WM6.x device into a personal Wifi hotspot; unfortunately this isn’t so easy on Windows Phone 7.  In fact, most of more
  • Blog Post: RPA: Burned by Static Cling

    In a previous post about locking in Rock, Paper, Azure, I said this somewhat offhand: In this case, there’s no reason to use such code in a bot. The only time you’d need to is if your bot has a static method/object reference, but that’s more
  • Blog Post: Getting a Windows Azure account for Rock, Paper, Azure

    If you’re interested in getting a Windows Azure account to play in Rock, Paper, Azure (RPA), there are a few options available to you, from least painful to most painful (in my opinion, anyway): Method 1 – Windows Azure Pass The way most people are getting more
  • Blog Post: Acer 1420P (PDC Laptop) Service Manual

    There aren’t too many Acer 1420P netbooks out there – this is the one given out at PDC 2009. I was recently having some problems with it and needed to disassemble (to the bone). If you’ve ever disassembled a laptop, you know you pretty more
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Guest OS

    In a Windows Azure project, you can specify the Guest OS version for your VM.  This is done by setting the osVersion property inside the ServiceConfiguration file: If you don’t specify a version explicitly, the latest Guest OS is chosen for you. more
  • Blog Post: Ip2Location (and IPinfoDB) Performance Tips

    I’ve done a number of talks lately on Worldmaps and typically in side conversations/emails, people are curious about the databases and converting IP addresses to geographic locations.   And, often when you dive into using the data, it seems more
  • Blog Post: Azure Miniseries #4: Monitoring Applications

    In this screencast, we'll take a look at monitoring Azure applications by capturing event logs and performance counters. We'll also look at using PowerShell to deploy and configure applications using the management API. Finally, we'll take a sneak peek more
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