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  • Blog Post: Creating Helpers for ASP.NET Web Pages with WebMatrix

    If you are unfamiliar with helpers and haven’t read my blog post on “ Getting Started with ASP.NET Web Helpers for WebMatrix ”, you should start reading there. Otherwise, we’ll move on to create helpers for use with the Razor View more
  • Blog Post: Getting Familiar with Razor Language Syntax, Features and Rules

    All languages have syntax rules, and ASP.NET Web Pages with Razor is no different.  The syntax is meant to be light and concise and simple, yet powerful enough to allow you to move to ASP.NET development using Visual Studio easily . Having said that more
  • Blog Post: Taking steps in the right direction: WebMatrix/Razor learning path

    Whether you’re new to web development or moving from another platform or language, such as PHP or classic ASP, you’ll want to know as few key languages/technologies before getting started and diving into a new web development stack.  Knowing the more
  • Blog Post: Using WebMatrix to Create a Consistent Layout w/Razor Content Blocks & Layout Pages

    One of the first things we need to do when creating the UI for a website or web application is setup the look, feel and layout of the site. Classic ASP and PHP developers recognize include files as a way to do this, while ASP.NET Web Forms & MVC developers more
  • Blog Post: WebMatrix: What is it, Why use it, and Who’s it for?

    What is WebMatrix? WebMatrix is a free, lightweight Web development stack that makes it easy to build web sites that can grow with you, from installation to product deployment & maintenance.  Developers can take advantage of mastering fundamental more
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