[UPDATE: The WinFX event in Tralee is on Thursday (as always), not Friday as indicated here!  My apologies for any inconvenience may have caused.]

There have been some great events this week: yesterday we had members of the Windows Forms and C# teams in Dublin.  Today (Tuesday), Luca and Mike are up to give a similar presentation in Belfast, where yesterday new MVP Kieran Lynam presented on ASP.NET 2.

I'm down to Cork tonight and Tralee on Thursday to discuss WinFX and the Longhorn development platform.  The goal of these presentations is to give an overview of what's coming in WinFX from both the Avalon and Indigo sides of the house, and give developers and decision makers some insights into how to leverage the 2005 set of technologies today to prepare for WinFX tomorrow.  Oh, and from the looks of things, there'll be some cool live demos, too. :)  All are welcome to attend!

Looking forward to meeting many of you and hearing your thoughts on what interests you in what's coming down the pipe. 

And if this isn't proof that we're really making an effort to host these events all around the island, I don't know what is ;)