With apologies: The WinFX event in Tralee is on Thursday (as always), not Friday as previously indicated here.  My apologies for any inconvenience my earlier post may have caused.  Looking forward to seeing you in lovely Tralee tomorrow.


I received some very kind feedback from my other WinFX talk, which I gave at IT@Cork on Tuesday.  WinFX, as you probably know, is the developer platform that will be introduced at the same time as Windows Longhorn.  I hope the whirlwind glimpse I offered of Avalon and Indigo gave everyone a sense of the engaging stuff that's coming down the pipe.

But on the roadmap between here and WinFX is the 2005 suite of technologies and .NET version 2.0.  The best way to get ready for WinFX tomorrow is to be working in managed code today.

So if you’re the sort (like me) that wants to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s latest and greatest, your call to action remains the same: get your hands on a copy of Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 and start your exploration. :)

Mind you - if you're curious about what's coming in late 2006, and happen to be near Tralee tomorrow, I look forward to seeing you there!