Kieran Lynam points out that Internet Explorer 7’s ctrl-F search is deeply dinosaured, and points me to the first podcast I’m ever going to listen to.

Tom Raftery is tired of companies who don’t care to listen to their customers and continues to host podcasts that I really should be listening to!

Martin Woodward checks out what it means to check out in Team Foundation Server versus VSS, CVS, Subversion, etc.

Upon playing with Windows Communications Foundation, John Grace declares it hits the sweet spot with its simplicity and extensibility.

Brian Delahunty is winning the battle against unit tests that require non-standard (STA) threading.

Paschal Leloup turns a critical eye on Office 12 and declares it rocks.  Bill can’t wait to say more about server-based Office 12 scenarios.

And Paul Fallon points out Web 2.0 in Ireland blog.  It's sponsored by Enterprise Ireland but... who's running it?