Irish Dev I really enjoyed last night's Web 2.0 discussion in Dublin, co-hosted by and the Irish Internet Association usergroups!  My compliments to everyone involved, including speakers Fergal Breen, Paul Browne, John Brennan and Fergal O'Byrne (IIA).

The thing I enjoyed most about the evening was seeing a technologically-agnostic view of the ideologies behind Web 2.0.  I loved hearing what disparate opinions people have on what it means to be "Web 2.0." 

Is it a philosophy?  A movement?  A technology?  Some squsihy mix of the three?  Is it straight-up Tim O'?

I see it more as a philosophy (and a squishy one at that).  For instance - one of the presenters called AJAX a "cornerstone" of Web 2.0.  I would call it an enabler.  The specific technology you use, for me, is less important.

What's clear is that Web 2.0 means something a little different to everyone.  In any case, it's really whetted my appetite for Mix06, the conference at which we're all going to learn what Web 2.0 means for Microsoft!  Obviously it's the proverbial "very big bet." 

Kieran Lynam posted some piccies from the event and I've been waiting all day for the lads to post the slide decks online so I could link to them...

And so, -- in true Web 2.0 spirit, out here on my little piece of the long tail, I'm gonna ask nicely and see if the lads listed above would be kind enough to post their slides :)

[update: Thanks to Paul for the link to his useful Web 2.0 info compendium in the comments and to John to the links to cool Web 2.0 apps like pxn8, which is like Photoshop in a browser.]