Avalon is way smoother in Feb CTP! If you're into WinFX, then you've heard by now that the February CTP (Community Tech Preview) is out and about.

Mike Swanson, among many others, provided the full list of links you'll need.

Mike had mentioned that the there are performance improvements in this version, so I waited to write this 'til I got a chance to see for myself.  I finally got around to it, and boy, he wasn't joking.  It runs a lot smoother.

Borrowed from Mike, here is the full list of links you'll need:

Also, this is not a joke: If you have a prior version of WinFX installed on your computer, be sure to follow the uninstall procedures.  Don't try uninstalling manually (like I did) - it didn't work for me, and this tool cleans up the whole shebang, quick and easy.