Windows VistaIn Windows Vista, the Event Viewer user interface now allows you to quickly attach tasks to system events - in fact, Application, Security, System, Setup and Forwarded events.

For instance, in the image below, I am attaching a task to the System event that is raised when I lose my DHCP context.

To open Event Viewer, click Start, and type Event Viewer into the search box. 

If you want to try this yourself, try attaching a task to an event you can quickly reproduce, such as starting or stopping a Service (which you can do through the interface you get by clicking the Start button and typing "Services"). 

Vista Event Viewer - attach task to event


The tasks that you create using Event Viewer integrate with Task Scheduler - the tried, true scheduler you've known in Windows Server 2003, XP, and previous, but augmented in Vista - which now lets you trigger your operating system to start a program, send an e-mail, or display a message as a task. 

Open it up to see the list of tasks you've created by clicking start and typing Task Scheduler.  To find your event-related tasks, select the Event Viewer Tasks folder under Task Scheduler Library, as shown in the image below.  In this image, I'm looking at the event I just created above.

Vista Task Scheduler - attach task to event

This is great new functionality for creating, managing and handling Application and System-level events in Vista.